Northwest Archery LLC

Our History

From 1949 to 2004, Northwest Archery was owned by Glenn and Margaret St.Charles in Normandy Park, Washington. 


In 1961, the first official meeting of the Pope and Young Club was held in the trophy room with six people attending.


Over the years, all five of Glenn and Margaret’s children worked in the store. Jay, Joe and Suzanne are still very much involved in traditional archery, each in their own way.


In the spring of 2004, Glenn sold his property. Suzanne (St.Charles) and her husband, Roger Hammond took over the Northwest Archery and made it a mail order business specializing in what Suzanne knows best, arrows.


For more than 50 years, Northwest Archery in Normandy Park, Washington, was a great place to visit, look around the museum, meet with Glenn and Margaret, smell the Port Orford cedar and have a cup of coffee. For me, a wonderful place to grow up. 


Today, the St.Charles/Pope and Young Museum that was in the store’s trophy room is now in Chatfield, Minnesota at the Pope and Young Club Headquarters.


Suzanne St.Charles Hammond

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