Northwest Archery LLC

Custom Deluxe Arrows


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Clear Lacquer Coat


Each dozen weight matched within 10 gr.

White or black crown underneath the feathers

Your color choice of feathers

Cut to length - Field Points installed

 Wood choices:

Port Orford Cedar

Douglas Fir

Not all woods are available in all spines.


*Please note below

*Port Orford Cedar and *Douglas Fir

70-75# and over

add $12.00 per dozen


Crown color other than black or white

add $12.00 per dozen


For you convenience, 

all of our arrows come cut to length,

points installed, ready to shoot right out of the box.


3 FLETCH     12  
Turkey Feathers from Trueflight    
3 Solid Color Feathers $167.00  
1 Dyed Barred + 2 Solid  $174.00    
1 Solid + 2 Dyed Barred $181.00      
3 Dyed Barred  $188.00    
Natural Barred Wild Turkey Feathers    
3 Natural Gray Barred  $205.00   
4 FLETCH   12  
Turkey Feathers from Trueflight    
4 Solid Color Feathers $181.00    
2 Solid + 2 Dyed Barred $195.00     
4 Dyed Barred $209.00   
 Natural Wild Turkey Feathers 12  
3 Natural Gray Barred $210.00     
4 Natural Gray Barred $230.00  




If you have your own shafts (12)

and would like us to make them up into arrows,

we subtract $20.00 from the dozen prices listed above.