Northwest Archery LLC

Choices for your Customized Wood Arrows



Classic Nocks - Soft Snap on the string, cock feather indicator tab.

Solid Red, Solid Orange, Solid Yellow, Clear Fl. Green, Solid Black and Solid White


Snap On Nocks - Tighter snap on the string, no cock feather indicator tab.

Clear Red, Clear Apricot, Solid Yellow, Clear Blue, Clear Fl. Green, Clear Pink, Solid Black and Solid White


Mercury Nocks - old stock - No snap on the string with a wider opening, cock feather indicator tab.

(5/16" only)

Dark Green and Brown only



Shapes, Lengths and Colors


4" Shield (solid only)

5" Parabolic or Shield

5 1/2" Shield (no pink)


Solid Colors - Turkey feathers from Trueflight

Red, Orange, Yellow, Charteuse, Green, Blue, Pink, Purple, Gray, Black and White


Dyed Barred Colors - Turkey feathers from Trueflight

Red Barred, Orange Barred, Yellow Barred, Chartreuse Barred, Green Barred, Blue Barred, Purple Barred and Traditional Barred

Natural Gray Barred Turkey Feathers


5 1/2" Shield


Natural Gray Barred, Dyed Yellow, Dyed Blue, Dyed Forest Green, Dyed Orange, Dyed Red, Dyed Pink



Standard Steel Field Points:

5/16 125 grain, 100 gr, 70 gr

11/32  160 gr, 145 gr, 125 gr, 100 gr

23/64  190 gr, 160 gr, 145 gr, 125 gr


All of our arrows come cut to length,

points installed and 

ready to shoot right out of the box.