Northwest Archery LLC

Choices for your Customized Wood Arrows



Classic Nocks - Soft Snap on the string, cock feather indicator tab.

Solid Red, Solid Orange, Solid Yellow, Clear Fl. Green, Solid Black and Solid White


Snap On Nocks - Tighter snap on the string, no cock feather indicator tab.

Clear Red, Clear Apricot, Solid Yellow, Clear Blue, Clear Fl. Green, Clear Pink, Solid Black and Solid White



Shapes, Lengths and Colors


4" Shield (solid only)

5" Parabolic or Shield

5 1/2" Shield (no pink)


Solid Colors - Turkey feathers from Trueflight

Red, Orange, Yellow, Charteuse, Green, Blue, Pink, Purple, Gray, Black and White


Dyed Barred Colors - Turkey feathers from Trueflight

Red Barred, Orange Barred, Yellow Barred, Chartreuse Barred, Green Barred, Blue Barred, Purple Barred and Traditional Barred

Natural Gray Barred Turkey Feathers


5 1/2" Shield


Natural Gray Barred, Dyed Yellow, Dyed Blue, Dyed Forest Green, Dyed Orange, Dyed Red, Dyed Pink



Standard Steel Field Points:

5/16 125 grain, 100 gr, 70 gr

11/32  160 gr, 145 gr, 125 gr, 100 gr

23/64  190 gr, 160 gr, 145 gr, 125 gr


All of our arrows come cut to length,

points installed and 

ready to shoot right out of the box.