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Traditional Bowhunter Magazine

Aug/Sept 1994


Signed by Glenn St.Charles


Among the articles:


True North Adventure

A story by T.J. Conrads about a caribou hunt in the Northwest Territories. On the hunt, 15 bowhunters including Tim Conrads, Larry Fischer, Wade Carstens, Jack Joseph, 81 year old Glenn St.Charles and Glenn's two sons, Jay and Joe.



Deluxe Edition


Hard cover

By Glenn St.Charles

Signed by Glenn and Numbered






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Deluxe Edition


Hard cover

By Glenn St.Charles

Signed by Glenn and Numbered




About "Bows on the Little Delta"


The centerpiece being the saga of the Alaska Little Delta hunts beginning in 1957. Three bowhunters took to hunting animals in the Alaska range, unknowingly following the bootprints of pioneer bowhunter Art Young, where, in 1922, he felled a Dall sheep on a glacial moraine in the headwaters of the Wood River, less than forty miles away. 


This is the same place the author invited Fred Bear and cronies to hunt with him in the two following years - 1958, 1959. The book is full of hunting stories in other places, most before fair chase, and trophy hunting when bowhunters shot everything that came down the pike. That and much more about the author's life, his philosophy and thoughts as to the future of bowhunting. If you like adventure, this is it!


About the Author


Glenn St.Charles was born in Seattle, Washington, December 15, 1911. A son of a timber cruiser who, at the turn of the century, brought his family from Alpena, Michigan to the timber country of the great northwest.


Glenn spent summers with his dad in the Kaniksu National Forest of northern Idaho. This was the backdrop for Glenn to observe ways of the animals of these remote regions - deer, elk, moose and bear. He became a bowhunter, a bowyer, making hundreds of bows from the rich-colored yew he found combing the Cascade Mountains. He became a fletcher, making arrows from the tough spruce and Alaska cedar. He cut crude blades out of old retempered hand saws for broadheads.


St.Charles was the founder of the Pope and Young Club and Northwest Archery Company. He was an emeritus member of the Boone and Crocket Club, and a member of the National Field Archery Association, and the Professional Bowhunters Society. Glenn was elected to the Archery Hall of Fame in 1991. His written words have appeared in many archery publications for the past sixty years. His video, "Billets to Bow" was produced in 1984 to preserve the art of bowmaking. It was followed in 1996 with the written version in his book "Billets to Bow".


Glenn past away at the age of 98 in 2010.